Hey Everybody!
My name is Jamie Dimon and I’ve lived off-grid as a nomad for over nine years in North Americas and Baja Mexico. Throughout that time I’ve had many challenges so I decided to create Enigmatic Nomadics in order to share my experiences and acquired knowledge. I seek to educate existing nomads and the general public about the traveling lifestyle.
I started a gathering called Van Build Fest where volunteers pitch in and build out rigs for folks interested in living in just about anything you can imagine.
I also help out the Red Cross in assisting those devastated by tragedy and occasionally crowd fund and build off-grid vehicles and donate them to those in need.
Check out my youtube channel playlists to see what has happened so far.
Thanks for stopping by and make sure to subscribe to my channel and check back here often as I post van tours of others build-outs and DIY off-grid content.
See Ya!